I have always had more ideas than I have time to implement. I have more books than I can read. I have more sermons than I can preach. I have more clothes than I can wear. I’m not a hoarder, but I am definitely not a minimalist.

But I know that too many targets means I’m not going to hit any of them. I often have 5-10 goals per year and don’t hit any of them. I console myself by saying at least if I aim at the sun, I may hit the moon. But I get very frustrated that I don’t accomplish what I feel I should. Failure gets old fast.

Don’t get me wrong. I accomplish a lot. If I didn’t set goals, I’m afraid I wouldn’t stretch myself. But it feels so good to do what you said you would do. I want to do that this year in 2018

Last week I attended a conference session that challenged my thinking in this area. It was a Christian version of 4 Disciplines of Execution (Covey). My main take-away was to have fewer but better goals. Statistics showed that if you have as few as 2-3 goals, you will accomplish those goals. But the more goals, the fewer accomplished. For example, if you have 4-10 goals you will accomplish 2 at the most. If you have more than 10, you won’t accomplish any.

I have 3 wildly important goals (WIG) for 2018. These goals make all the difference. Failure to achieve these goals will render any other achievements inconsequential. I think you’ll agree as you read further.

In addition, I  need to concentrate on what I can control. Most of my goals are end results. The best way to get to the end is to concentrate on the means to those ends. Those are things I can control.

So, I want to share with our congregation my goals for 2018. Last year I introduced my 2020 Vision for our church. In it I had a lot of goals – things I wanted us to accomplish by the year 2020. But I’m making a few adjustments. I still want to accomplish all those things. But I’m reducing what I emphasize and measure.

Goal #1: 35 Baptized in 2018. 1,000 Gospel Presentations.

This is a big goal. Baptism would involve people trusting Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord and making that decision public. I want someone baptized at least every month. This is the most important thing we can do – see people saved and baptized. It is part of the Great Commission given by Jesus. 

However, being baptized is goal. There are some things that need to be done to see this accomplished. First, people need to be saved. Some studies tell us that 1 out of 3 people saved will be baptized. So my sub-goal is to have 100 people make a profession of faith in Christ. 

Yet, even salvation experiences are out of our control. God saves and a person accepts. But one thing we can determine is how many times we will make a Gospel presentation. Experience reveals that one out of ten people who hear a clear presentation of the Gospel will accept Jesus as Savior. That number can be argued. But it is a good number to shoot for. So, we are going to make 1,000 personal Gospel presentations this year. Learn to share the Gospel and then go do it.

Goal #2: 200 in Connection Groups. Make 200 Group Contacts in one week.

According to the Great Commission, the task of the church is to teach all who believe the Gospel and are baptized. At Faith Baptist, our primary teaching environment is Sunday School. In addition, we have many small groups that meet for fellowship and service. Our goal is to have 200 attend one of these in a week. But again, this is out of our control. So, I encourage every teacher/leader to contact people in their group (member & prospect). Every week send emails, letters, make visits or phone calls equal to 1/2 your group. Our goal is to make 200 group contacts in a week.

Goal #3: 350 in Worship. Make 350 Church Invites in one week.

Our main gathering is the worship service. Everything we do flows into or out of this event. As we see our worship attendance grow, everything else will grow. It is inevitable that our worship attendance will be a big goal. This year our goal is to have 350 in a worship service.

What can we do to see our worship attendance increase? One of the ways is simply to invite people to attend. Every week, we can invite someone. Our goal is to make 350 invites every week – one for every person we expect. Personal email, letter, conversation, or even pass out an invite card. Everyone can invite someone to go to church. 

Wow! Those are big goals. But I believe we can do it. I’ve made my own personal commitments to see it through. I’m making at least one Gospel presentation every week. I am making 4 Sunday School invites for the class I teach. And I am going to invite 5 people every week to come to church with me. What will you do? 

Let’s see more people in the kingdom and in church, learning to follow Jesus. Our mission is to follow and lead others to follow Jesus.

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