The Gospel of Luke can be summed up in one phrase: It’s all about Jesus, and Jesus is for everyone.

Throughout the book of Luke, Jesus is constantly reaching out to people pushed aside by the society of that time. Women, a thief, gentiles, fishermen, and “sinners”—they’re all here, and they’re all seen. This sermon theme will journey verse-by-verse through the Gospel of Luke, touching on some of the major topics in the gospel and highlighting the principles that can help every person follow Jesus better. If you want to know Jesus better, Luke is your book. 

Pastor Burdine preaches this sermon series on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. However, from time to time other sermons and speakers may be interjected as days and events warrant.

Below is the mini-sermon series planned for the Gospel of Luke in 2020:

Hope is Born (Luke 1-2) – January & February
Starting Something New (Luke 3-4) March & April
March 8 – Partners (Luke 3:1-20)
March 15 – Identity (Luke 3:21-38)
March 22 – Testing (Luke 4:1-13)
March 29 – Confrontation
April 5 – Authority
April 12 – EASTER – This is Not the End
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus (Luke 5) – April & May
April 19 – In the Boat with Jesus – Power over Nature (Luke 5:1-11)
April 26 – On the Roof for Jesus – Power over Disease (Luke 5:12-26)
May 3 – At the Table with Jesus – Power over Sin (Luke 5:27-39)
Mothers Day thru Fathers Day Sermon Series
Plain Talk (Luke 6) – Summer
Strength through Authority (Luke 7) – September & October
Christ and the Crowd (Luke 8) – November
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