2020 Vision

It’s a beautiful Fall Sunday in 2020. It’s 10:30am and we’ve started our second packed service of the day. The new parking lot with modern lighting is comfortably full and attendants greet people as they enter. The new LED sign out front lets passers by know what is happening at Faith Baptist. People arrive early to get a good seat, but they aren’t sitting down. They’re greeting guests, welcoming visitors, laughing with friends, and enjoying coffee and smoothies at the new Connection Cafe in the expanded church lobby. Parents are chasing their children down the hall to the new classrooms and children’s activity game area. A full band/orchestra is warming up, playing familiar hymns with a contemporary twist. Today it’s Amazing Grace on the saxophone. This weekend over 500 will worship at Faith Baptist Church in 2 Sunday services. But even more will watch and interact on the live-stream in the gym and at home. 


The worship service opens up with enthusiastic, passionate singing to contemporary and age-old hymns. Everybody joins in. It’s not the style, but the fervor that makes the music the best in town. Music, testimonies, announcements, and videos have been quality produced to enhance the worship experience. The pastor presents a Bible-based, relevant principled message and many respond for prayer with 5 getting baptized. There will be over 50 baptized this year, and over 100 make their public profession of faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

It’s not just the worship service that has grown. During Sunday School, Sunday evening, and throughout the week, 300 youth and adults meet in 20 different small groups to learn, serve or just live life together. AWANA has over 100 every week and the teens have two nights to make room for 100 junior high and high school students.

Faith Baptist is a congregation that is reaching into the community through Love Lenawee. Because of our own story, firefighters, business leaders, senior citizens, college students, medical personnel, military veterans, the mentally-impaired and Prairie Elementary School staff, students and families have been appreciated and loved. The missions family has grown to 75 missionaries and projects. Missions giving is $150,000 annually, and the church budget is $500,000 annually.  We know and love our missionaries.

Faith Baptist is passionate, fun, exciting, growing, and full of friends who follow and lead others to follow Christ. Faith Baptist is a place where every week just keeps getting better because in the future Jesus deserves better Christianity than we are gave Him in the past. To everyone who enters our doors we simply say “Welcome Home.”

Pastor Greg Burdine