Good Son – Bad Son

In Luke 15, Jesus tells the story of a father with two sons. One was rebellious and the other was obedient. However, there is a twist in His story. The rebellious son becomes the hero and the obedient son becomes the disappointment.

I love this story because I tended to be the rebellious son. I got in trouble a lot until God got hold of my heart and changed me. Now that I’ve changed, I discover that now I can be like the elder son, and look down on those far from God. I am glad God loves and is willing to forgive all His sons (and daughters).

Being a father is a complicated role. Every child is different and and has unique needs. One child makes parenting a breeze and another child presents major challenges. After one child you might feel like you could write a book, “How to raise a great kid.” But another child may generate the book, “How to keep from killing your kid.” Two children growing up in the same home can go in two different directions.

This Sunday, June 16, I will be sharing a Father’s Day sermon called “A Story about Two Sons“. This is Jesus’ famous parable commonly called The Prodigal Son. This is my final sermon in my sermon series, Family Life.

This story has some interesting aspects. In Luke 15, Jesus has been defending His ministry of reaching those farthest away from God. He talks about a lost sheep (15:1-7)  and a lost coin (15:8-10. Each owner searched and rejoiced when he found the lost item. I will be talking about the lost son (15:11-32) and how the father found his son. But Jesus’ emphasis is on the elder son who chose to stay home. He didn’t rebel outwardly but his heart was far from his father. There is a lesson for all of us.

Are you a father of a rebellious child? Are you a rebellious person who is running from God? Are you a little (or a lot) prideful of your obedient lifestyle and tend to look down on those far from God? I think we all can learn some lessons from Parable of the Prodigal son

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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