We love our missionaries! 

Faith Baptist supports several organizations connected to several hundred missionaries. For example, the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention has over 4,000 missionaries. However, we specifically have over 60 missionaries and organizations part of our international outreach. We financially support each of them so they can reach others with the Gospel of Christ.

The best thing we can do for our missionaries is to pray for them. Yet, we cannot adequately pray for our missionaries unless we know them. Our members are encouraged to adopt one of our missionaries to get to know them, pray for them, and communicate any missions needs to our Missions Committee.

Will you adopt a missionary? A display in our church lobby shows the missionaries in need of adoption. Simply sign up and you will receive contact information. Or you can email Pastor Burdine to adopt one of the missionaries below.

Adopt a Missionary commitment. When you adopt a missionary, you are making a commitment to communicate with and pray for your missionary for one year (October through October). Be creative and do all you can do. However, at the minimum, please:

  • Communicate with your missionary twice a year.
  • Receive regular communication from your missionary (Facebook, email, postal mail, etc.)
  • Communicate with Faith Baptist Missions Committee about any needs of your missionary.
  • Pray regularly for your missionary.

Donate to Faith Baptist Missions (Link).

Please find below our missionaries who need to be adopted. As missionaries are adopted, their name will be removed from this list. Please, only one person per missionary:

  • Baptist Bible College – Springfield, MO
  • Baptist Bible Tribune
  • David and Theresa Martin (On Track Race Ministries)
  • Care Pregnancy Center of Lenawee
  • Kevin and Kim Davis (Wales)
  • Jon and Shirley Smith (Children’s Outreach Ministries)
  • David and Marj Patrick (TEAM ministry)
  • Lionel and Carol Martin (Portugal)
  • Eric and Ashley Woodworth (Honduras)
  • Blake and Megan Hunter (South Africa)
  • Dave and Shawn Smith (Open Door Baptist Missions)
  • Steve and Cheryl Harney (Cool Kids Ministries)
  • Greg and Luanne Lyons (Philippines)
  • Salvation Army (Adrian)
  • Elias and Robyn Correa (Wings Bearing Precious Seed)
  • Jeff and Andrea Williams (Canada)
  • Charles and Mary Joyce (Burkina Faso)
  • Justin and Shayna Burdine (Radical Love, Inc.)
  • Our Daily Bread Ministries
  • Paul and Barbara Frizzell (Bolivia)
  • Brian and Sherry Jenks (AWANA)
  • Larry and Carol Johns (Abundant Pardon Prison Ministries)
  • Shepherds Ministries (Wisconsin)
  • New Hope Initiative
  • Bethany Thompson (Brazil)
  • Kirk and Kathy Bogard (Nicaragua)
  • Dave and Wendy Kurowicki (Release Time Bible Club)
  • Chuck and Debbie Turner (Lendale Association of Baptists)
  • Tim and Sabrina Patterson (Michigan Baptists)
  • Tony and Julie Sullivan (Australia)
  • We have 3 missionaries in Creative Access Nations. Contact Pastor Burdine for their contact information.
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