The biggest day of the year for many churches is Easter. At our church, we plan and plan to have a great event. We sent out invitations, prayed for 40 days, advertised on the radio, prepared a great worship time, and had 1,500 Easter eggs ready for a big hunt for the children.

We had many returning church attenders and dozens of first time visitors for a total of 313 people attending our Easter service. Seven people indicated that they trusted Jesus Christ as Savior. I really try to make my Easter sermon my best of the year.

So now that Easter’s over, what do we do? How do you follow a great Easter? You’ll be glad to know that I went out on Monday and purchased several bags of 75% clearance Easter candy to share with everyone, So that’s one great thing we can do the Sunday after Easter – eat more candy!

On a more spiritual thought, I discovered two practical ideas of what we can do from the first Easter in the Gospel of Matthew. Immediately following the resurrection of Jesus, we find three groups of people mentioned: the Women, the Soldiers & the Disciples. They all did something that we can do. I’m not going to give it away. You’ll have to join me and let’s discover it together.

Join me this Sunday, April 28, for our post-Easter service. My sermon is simply called “After Easter, Then What?” from Matthew 28:8-20. 

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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