Good things come to those who wait.

Do you hate to wait? I do. Whether it’s in a doctor’s office, on the highway, or even waiting for my popcorn to pop, I wish it would go faster.

Do you feel like you’re in God’s “waiting room”? Why is God doing taking so long? God doesn’t seem to be responding or listening? Why isn’t God close anymore?

You wonder if you did something wrong. Maybe you did and you’re in a “Time Out” to think about it. In that case, you need to search it out and confess it to Him.

But it may be that you are going through a ‘reset time’ in your life. Sometimes God puts us through a dry time so we can anticipate the joy of close fellowship with Him. Every relationship has its ups and downs, including our relationship with God. Could it be that God has pulled away from you so you can anticipate His closeness?

Zacharias was in God’s “Waiting Room” for 9 months. His faith wavered when he heard the announcement that he and Elizabeth were going to have a  son. Who wouldn’t at their elderly age? Regardless, he couldn’t talk for the full 9 months. God put him in his own “Time Out”.

On the day Elizabeth gave birth, God allowed him to speak and he began to praise God. God made him wait for a son, but finally God answered his prayer in a big way.

This Sunday my sermon topic is Anticipating Something BIG from Luke 1:57-80. I am halfway through my first sermon series of the year, Hope is Born (Luke 1-2). It may seem like a Christmas series. But I am preaching through the Gospel of Luke this year – Jesus for Everyone.

In this Sunday’s passage, Zacharias lets us know what it feels like to finally feel the close relationship with God after a long wait. It’s like the canceling of a big debt or the dawn of a new day after a dark night. It’s wonderful.

We will also look at some simple life principles from his journey. 

  • God often accomplishes His will in unusual and unexpected ways.
  • God always fulfills His promises.
  • God works out His will according to His perfect timing.
  • Praise and adoration belong to God alone.

I hope you’ll join me this Sunday as we discover the value of waiting on God. This Sunday is Ground Hog Day. Just like the groundhog must wait for 6 weeks until Spring, we must wait on God to bring about His will in our life. It will be worth the wait!

Join me this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

Pastor Greg Burdine – Faith Baptist Church

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