unnamedMake 2017 your best year ever. Learn Biblical principles of true success and blessing.

  • Imagine the possibilities.
  • Get Past the Past.
  • Determine your Priorities.
  • Define your Goals.
  • Identify the Plan.
  • Take Action.

We will discover 5 Biblical principles each weekend:

Single-Mindedness. Focus on God and His priorities for my life (Matthew 6:33)
Study the Bible. Study the Bible to know God, the truth, and to find direction for my daily life (Hebrews 4:12)
Biblical Community. Fellowship with other Christians to accomplish God’s purposes in my life, others’ lives, and in the world (Acts 4:44-47)
Prayer. Pray to God to know Him, to lay my request before Him, and to find direction for my daily life (Psalm 66:16-20)
Giving Away My Faith. Have an eternal perspective which compels me to give my faith to fulfill God’s purposes (Ephesians 6:19-20)
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