Faith Baptist Church loves the people of Adrian. We love them so much that we want to throw a party!

Because we have been loved by Jesus, we want to show the love of Jesus in a practical way by providing FREE Block Parties. We have access to inflatables, snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, games & prizes for any neighborhood, apartment complex, or any community or school event. We provide all supplies and workers. And best of all… it’s all FREE!

One of the disadvantages of modern society is we barely know our neighbors. Most know only a few of their neighbors by name, if any at all. We want to get to know you and provide an opportunity for your neighborhood to get to know one another. Neighborhoods who interact socially and work together to achieve common goals tend to be healthier, happier places to live. A neighborhood that is a community is far more powerful than a neighborhood that is a collection of families and houses or apartments.

  • Block parties are fun. Neighbors socialize together on the street or in the park. They meet interesting people, create business opportunities, kids play together and they celebrate personal and community events together.
  • Block parties create a safe environment. A community looks out for and protects its members. Kids are safer in a neighborhood that is a community because everybody takes responsibility for their welfare. you feel a greater sense of comfort about your home when youa re away on vacation becuase you know your neighbors will watch out for you, just as you would for them.
  • Block parties build relationships. People are far less likely to have disputes with neighbors if they know them and have a community bond with them. When disputes do arise in a community, it is easier to resolve them in constructive, low-key ways.
  • Block parties retain residents. One of the primary concerns of multi-family housing is resident attraction and retention. How do you win the loyalty of current and prospective tenants? In a nutshell, build relationships. Sure, the location and amenities will draw apartment shoppers initially, but in the end, it’s all about the relationships and friends you have where you live.

If you are interested in more information, please call our church phone number: 517-265-2376; or email:

We are currently scheduling block parties for the summer of 2015. Below is our current dates & locations:

Friday, June 26, 1-5pm at Woodbury Estates (behind Greg Bell Chevrolet – Hwy. 223, Adrian).

Tuesday, July 7, 6-8pm at Dunlap Park (711 Treat St. – Adrian).

Tuesday, July 14, 6-8pm at Carriage House (122 Sand Creek Hwy. – Adrian).

Tuesday, July 28, 6-8pm at Dunlap Park (711 Treat St. – Adrian).



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