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Building Together is a church-wide journey to expand our church facility to meet the needs or our growing congregation and anticipate future blessings. But it is more than that.

IT’S ABOUT strengthening our faith through giving.

IT’S ABOUT getting involved in new ways.

IT’S ABOUT exploring God’s promises through His faithfulness.

IT’S ABOUT getting in sync with the priorities of Jesus.

IT’S ABOUT expecting His provision before it is ever provided.

IT’S ABOUT setting aside those things that prevent you from being a fully devoted follower of Jesus.

Our plan is to raise funds to begin and complete new construction and renovation of our church facility in four phases. This will enable us to use those facilities to accommodate many functions in our growing congregation, and to better serve our church family, community and the world.

We have a preliminary drawing and have hired an architect to make complete blueprints. Our plan is to have three phases of construction:

PHASE ONE: BUILD. New Classroom Addition. Build approximately 4,600 square feet of new building for 8 children’s classrooms and restrooms. 

PHASE TWO: RENOVATE. Current classroom renovation, administration, and lobby. Expand lobby by moving offices into current classrooms and replace carpet.

PHASE THREE: OUTSIDE. Replace current parking lot, add playground and LED outdoor sign.

When we look at our church, we are filled with hope and joy. God is blessing us with many people who are excited about their spiritual life and reaching into our community with the Gospel. We are growing. God is in the business of doing incredible things, and He allows us to be a part of His work. The vision He has given us for our church is huge, but we are stepping out on by faith, building for the future. This project is not for us – it is for our future and the future of our children. Get involved in what God is doing.

How can I get involved?


Without God, all our efforts are empty. This project has been immersed in prayer by our church leadership. Prayer must be the means to continue. Pray that God would help us reach our financial goals. Pray that God would allow us to build to minister to more people. Pray that God would keep our congregation unified in the discomfort and changes that may occur during the process. Pray that God would help us reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


We believe wholeheartedly that God has given us a vision to reach the unchurched and non Christians in the Lenawee County area for Jesus Christ. We have faith that the Faith Baptist family will rise to the challenge. With God’s help and our sacrificial giving, we will reach our goals and be a church for future generations.

To expand our church, we have set the following goals:

VICTORY – $600,000

This will allow us to complete PHASE ONE (Classroom Addition). Note: We already have $300,000 toward our VICTORY GOAL.

CHALLENGE – $700,000

This will allow us to finish PHASE ONE and TWO (Classroom Addition, Renovate Current Classrooms/Foyer and Administration).

MIRACLE – $900,000

This will allow us to finish all PHASE ONE, TWO, and THREE (Classroom Addition, Renovate Current Classrooms/Foyer and Administration, parking lot, and lighted outdoor sign).

We began the capital campaign with our current Building Fund balance of $235,000. A generous gift from the estate of Bob & Eileen Seizert, former church members who have passed away. Their love for our church will continue for future generations. Church members have faithfully contributed to the balance. On March 3, 2019 we began the capital campaign to raise funding for our building project. Thus far, we have approximately $330,000 and more continues to be given. Several have made weekly and monthly 3-year commitments. Please consider giving to our Building Fund.

Give Online. Giving to the Building Fun couldn’t be easier. Simply give online through credit card, debit card, our automatic checking withdrawal. DONATE HERE.


Our construction will be hands-on with our congregation. If you have any building trade experience (drywall, painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc.), please contact our deacons. We would love to use your volunteer assistance to help defray costs to employed construction companies. In addition, we will have a HOME MISSIONS TRIP to our own church. This will allow anyone to spend a day or evening assisting in general cleaning, construction, and other activities to get the work finished. It’s our church building and we want to have our hands all over it.


The best thing you can do is invite people to be part of our church worship service. When word gets around that we are growing and building, people will be interested in what goes on inside our building. That’s our best part. Invite people to hear about our God and how they can have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. After all, our new construction is designed to help us reach more people. What better way to assist in getting the job done than by reaching more people as the construction progresses.

May God be glorified in our efforts to serve Him, one another, our community and the world.

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