Do you ever feel like a failure? 

Nearly everyone can relate to feeling like a loser. Maybe someone treated you like you were worthless. Or you have allowed your mistakes to create a negative image of yourself. And now every setback feels like proof that you aren’t any good.

When I was growing up I loved baseball. I couldn’t wait to play Little League. I was 9 years old playing on my first team. We didn’t have t-ball or even coach-pitch. We were straight to kid pitch and they were pretty wild. 

The first couple of times at bat I ended up striking out. The pitchers were older and I was slower at the bat. I was so dejected. There’s nothing like having to walk back to the dugout and face your teammates after you struck out. 

So my coach suggested a plan. Since I was young, and shorter than the other players, he told me to crouch down as low as I could and give the pitcher a small strike zone. I did and the next pitcher walked me on four straight pitches. I continued to work this angle and walked every time. By the end of the season, I never got a hit. I didn’t need to. I struck out twice and walked 16 times. I had the best on base percentage of any of the players. I found my niche in Little League. 

This same principle is what God uses in our church. Every person has a niche. There is something that you can do exceptionally well that will help the overall ministry of our church. Don’t stress over what you can’t do. But discover what you can do and do it.

This Sunday, September 8, I will preach a sermon called, Discover Your Ministry. In Ephesians 4:11-16 we discover what church is all about. It’s all about people. People who discover their gifts to use in ministry to build the family of God. 

Let me share with you what I have discovered from this Scripture.

  1. Every believer is a minister. It’s not just the “pastors” but every believer is to be a minister.
  2. Every ministry is important. There are no little people or little ministries in the church. All are important.
  3. We are dependent on each other. No one person or group can do it alone. We need each other to accomplish all God wants us to do. 
  4. Ministry is the expression of your uniqueness. Just like your fingerprints are different from anybody else, so you completely unique and make a unique contribution.

Whether you realize it or not, you make a unique contribution to the ministry of our church. Your spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality, experiences, time available, and spiritual maturity allow you to enhance make a major impact that only you can do for God.

This is one of the reasons Christians should be faithful members of their church. When you are missing, something vital is missing from your church. You are not replaceable. Either somebody will need to do what you should be doing (and not doing it like you would) or what you are supposed to be doing won’t get done. Either way, the ministry of God will suffer. Unbelievers will be left untold and uninvited. Believers will struggle in their faith and stunted in their spiritual growth.

This Sunday I hope you will accept the challenge to discover the ministry God has for you. I guarantee it will fulfill you like nothing else. Because your ministry is what God created you for.

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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