Have you ever been discouraged? Boy, I have. It seems I have more to do than I have time to do it. Life seems to come at me fast and furious. What’s a person to do?

Well, I have great news for you. You don’t need to live up to the expectations of others. You don’t even need to live up to the expectations of yourself. You just need to make sure you are doing what God wants you to do. If you are too busy, you are busier than God intended.

I hope you realize what God will ask you when He sees you in Heaven.

First, God will want to know what you did with His Son, Jesus. He sent Him to save the lost. Did you believe Him and receive Him as your personal Savior? That will be the big question.

Second, God will want to know what you did with what He gave you. God is not going to make you responsible for anybody else. You are responsible for yourself. Did you do what He wanted you to do? 

I love what Jesus’ Parable of the Talents teaches us. Two servants were praised and heard one of my favorite commendations, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23). They were simply good and faithful servants. They weren’t necessarily successful. They didn’t make a big splash. They just did a good job and were faithful at it. 

The most visited site in Yellowstone National Park is the geyser ‘Old Faithful.’ It’s not the largest or tallest geyser in the park. But it is the most predictable and has erupted every 44 to 125 minutes since 2000. Like Old Faithful, we have a lot of good, faithful people at Faith Baptist. While not all are old, I hope that we continue to be faithful.

This Sunday my message is called: Faithfulness. In February, we are learning how to “Improve our Serve”. How can we be better in our service to God and others? From 1 Corinthians 4:1-6 I will share with you a key principle: Faithfulness. We may not be able to do everything, but we can be faithful. I hope to encourage you Sunday to be good and faithful. 

Join us this Sunday,  @ 10:30 a.m. 

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