Is your Christian life filled with hardships?

The Christian life was never meant to be convenient. We do not have a casual Christ. Sometimes it’s difficult. There is a cost to follow Jesus.

This Sunday, November 22, I will conclude a sermon series called “The Cost of Following Jesus.” We are discovering that though salvation is free, discipleship will cost everything we have. This week we will discover the cost of COMPANIONS from Luke 9:57-62.

Jesus encountered three would-be followers. As He challenged them with the cost of being a follower, we have no indication they actually became disciples. Evidently, the cost was too great.

This Sunday I will share the three tests to see if someone is ready to follow Jesus: Hardships, Urgency, Focus. These three areas are vital if a person wants to truly follow Jesus. Are you truly following Him?

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Join me this Sunday.

Pastor Greg Burdine – Faith Baptist Church