Most people are familiar with the Biblical story of Noah’s ark.

God is going to destroy all mankind due to uncontrolled wickedness and violence. But one man finds grace in God’s eyes – Noah. God selects Noah to save his family and representatives of all the animals. Through years of warning people and building an ark, Noah and his family are saved from the worldwide flood. What an amazing story.

Lost in the narrative is the fact that Noah saved his family. I often get caught up in the magnitude and destruction of a worldwide flood that I forget the blessing of seeing an entire family saved. What if it were my family? How grateful would I be that God saved my whole family? What if one of Noah’s sons decided his dad was crazy and didn’t want to get in the ark? How heart-broken would he have been. I didn’t happen, but sometimes I wonder.

God promised that He would never send another worldwide flood. The rainbow is God’s constant reminder of His promise after a storm. But an ultimate storm is coming to us all. Death and judgment await every person. Will your family be saved? Like Noah, I hope your whole family is saved and survive the flood and make it to Heaven.

Last week I started a new sermon series, Home Improvement. I am looking at Bible families to help our families. This week I’m looking at Noah and to discover some principles about saving our family. The title of my sermon is “Get in the Boat! It’s gonna rain!” If you are like me, my ultimate prayer and desire is that my whole family will make it to Heaven. Nothing comes even close. I hope you will join me as we learn some practical principles.

In addition, our AWANA children will be singing and performing for us in the morning service. It’s the end of another year and we want to honor them. In the evening (6pm), we will have the AWANA awards ceremony and a fun Field Day for for everyone to enjoy. Come out and encourage the children.

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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