“Honor your father and mother”

This is one of the 10 Commandments. And it is also a wise way to live. This Father’s Day at Faith Baptist I will talk about three great reasons to respect your dad.

Dads are going to love this one. We don’t get much respect anymore. TV dads tend to be a joke. Remember Archie Bunker? How about Homer Simpson?

But God’s best for our life is to respect our father. After all, God is a Father and we should respect Him.

No matter your age, the ‘quality’ of your dad, or if your dad has passed away, you will discover some wisdom this Sunday. Even if you don’t know who your dad is, you can still honor him. 

Join me at 10:30 this Sunday for a special Father’s Day. Roy Tremble will be singing. Babies will be dedicated. We have gifts for every man. You will be glad you went to church this Sunday.

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