We’ve all seen people who are not good at being rich. They’re arrogant, not spending their money right. We think ‘If I were rich, I wouldn’t be that way.’  But because we don’t feel rich we don’t act rich even though we are rich. If you have more than you need to survive – you are rich. You have a surplus of time, money and possessions. Most of our financial problems are a result of not being good with what we’ve been given.

So, how can a person be good at being rich?  According to 1 Timothy 6:17-19, God encourages rich people in a couple of areas.  He tells them not to trust in riches, but to trust in God.  Many people, rich and poor, trust in their money more than God.  They think that if they had more money most of their problems would be solved. But rather than trusting in riches, we need to trust God who gives us the riches. When you really settle the issue of where it all comes form and who owns it all you won’t depend on it but on Him.

Not only should we not trust in riches, we should do something positive with them. This passage tells us we should generously use our money and possessions for others.  Most people would tell us to save our money – and there is much wisdom in saving for a later date.  But saving does not negate the importance to give now. God gives some people more so they can give to those who have less.  And when God is dishing out financial blessings, He looks for people He can trust to give it away to those who need it.  That way it can be a blessing to at least two – the person who receives and the person who gives.

So, every February the congregation of Faith Baptist Church is encouraged to take extra money and time and invest it in eternity by giving to others. That’s why the theme of February is ‘How to be Rich.’  Everyone is encouraged to give time to church ministries and community organizations that help others. Even if you already give time, give more. In addition, the church will be a collection sight for baby diapers for Care Pregnancy Center & toiletries for ‘Fishes and Loaves’ Food Pantry.

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