What is Kidz Storm?

From the moment kids step inside the building till the very last note is sung, they will know, this is not a new thing, but it is a fun thing!

You see, fun is not new. However, it seems new when it comes to church and children’s ministry. So many times at church we feel that in order for children to learn, they must not have fun. And yet, it has been proven time and again, that we learn the most when we are having fun and enjoying what we are doing.

That is what Adam Walz and Kidz Storm is all about. Having fun and enjoying learning about Christ and His word. Your kids are going to love being a part of Kidz Storm. From the Magic Tricks, to the games and from puppets to the t-shirt cannon, this is going to be one of the most exciting things your kids have ever had the chance to do. Who wouldn’t want to attend? And best of all, parents are encouraged to attend and join in on the fun.

Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength!  That is what children will learn this year.  That joy does not come because of things or a feeling, but joy, true joy, comes from the Lord. And we are going to have a very good time learning this truth.

This year the theme is Hee Haw. Parents and grandparents may recall the show from the 70’s entitled Hee Haw. Well, we are going to follow that just a little. The adults will have fun but the kids will just enjoy the laughter, games, and learning about God’s true joy. Join us August 21-23.