How do you praise God?

Aren’t people all different? Everyone has their own personality and way they express themselves.

When it comes to praising God, some people like to be quiet and meditative. Other people like to sing as they worship. Some people like to pray their praise. I’ve been in some church settings that are loud and expressive. Some people like to raise their hands to express their emotions to God. The Bible permits all these. How we praise may reflect more about us that about God. But what we praise God for will be similar.

This Sunday my sermon topic is Let There Be Praise from Luke 1:39-56. I am halfway through my first sermon series of the year, Hope is Born (Luke 1-2). It may seem like a Christmas series. But I am preaching through the Gospel of Luke this year – Jesus for Everyone.

In this Sunday’s passage, we observe three things we should praise God for. Both Mary and her elder cousin, Elizebeth, were informed that they were going to have a baby on two previous separate occasions. When they finally met to talk about it, they were so excited that they praised God for His miracles and their future offspring. It was a time of joy and praise.

I hope you’ll join me this Sunday as we discover three things Mary, Elizabeth and you should praise God for. We should praise God for Who He is. We should praise God for what He has done. And we should praise God for one another. This Sunday let’s  praise together! He deserves it.

Join me this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

Pastor Greg Burdine – Faith Baptist Church

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