Faith Baptist Church is blessed to have Evangelist Tim Lee speak during the Saturday evening service at 6:00 pm on October 29th.

Sitting in his wheelchair, the Marine, with no legs looks distinguished. His story is powerfully graphic, revealing and rings with reality about a country and a national heritage that many Americans have forgotten.

Tim Lee is a former Marine Corps Sergeant and Purple Heart recipient from the Vietnam War. A violent land mine explosion in 1971 placed him in a wheelchair, but also made him one of the most listened to people in America.

He is recognized across the nation as one of the most exciting Christian statesmen of our generation. He shares his personal testimony that has impacted the lives of United States Senators, Congressmen, Governors and local officials. He has won the acclaim of thousands of American citizens, and the respect of the strongest and noblest of men and women who have heard his unique delivery.

His remarks and conclusions present strong Biblical truth and patriotic ideals in a way that captivates his audience. An encounter with Tim Lee will long be remembered. Everyone is invited.

To know more about the ministry of Evangelist Tim Lee, see his website:

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