Max & Jennifer Kennedy

It started as a discussion a Sunday School class had with a visiting missionary, Max Kennedy. Then it grew into a full-blown plan. We are going to Nicaragua July 29 – August 6, 2016.

Due to several members of the initial team being in the medical field, the emphasis will be medical. However, several others are needed to build evangelistic relationships. The plan is to host a clinic in a location that is in desperate need of medical and spiritual help. We will also be conducting evangelistic events to bring the message of Jesus to the people.

Dr. Victor Cherfan is leading the team. Pastor Burdine will also be making the trip. Those interested in making the trip, will need to apply (view application) and make a $50 deposit before May 31, 2016. Please refer any questions about the trip to Dr. Cherfan or Pastor Burdine. The total cost of the trip is approximately $1,500. The FBC Missions Fund will scholarship everything except $1,000. You may choose to pay or raise the money. In addition to the deposit, $500 is due on June 1, $250 on July 1, and $200 on July 15.

Everyone going on the Missions Trip will need to meet for prayer and training. We will be going through the video series, “When Helping Hurts” by RightNow Video. Training will be Sundays, 5:00 – 6:00 pm on the following days: May 29, June 12, 26, July 10 & 24 (August 7 – debriefing).

Due to the Zika Virus, it is not recommended that pregnant women make the trip. Please use personal responsibility and judgement if you could be adversely affected by the Zika Virus. Also, realize that the safety of people going on the trips is not guaranteed. Please consider any risks before you commit to a trip to Nicaragua.  That being said, there has yet been any serious injuries or illnesses with the over 300 people who have taken these trips to Nicaragua. Nicaragua is generally a safe country to travel to and in. It is considered the safest country in Central America, but each person coming to Nicaragua should prayerfully consider any risks involved.

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