Life can be hard!

Several years ago I had an anxiety attack that I still remember. Our church had burned down on Christmas morning and we were in the middle of making major decisions and I was feeling pretty confident. But in the middle of Saturday night I felt like somebody lowered the walls and all the things that could go wrong started flooding my mind. Who was I to think that I could lead a church out of a disaster into a major building project? I wanted out. Then it was as if God told me that up to that point He had handled the pressure of the situation.  For a few minutes He let me know what the pressure felt like.  So it was at that point that I gave it back to Him. I surrendered and let Him take over. The rest is a story of what He did for me and for our church. 

I’m sure you have had similar situations. Maybe you have one now. God wants you to do something that seems overwhelming, maybe impossible. You feel like you can’t do it. You’re caught between knowing what you should do and doing it. You feel pressure from all sides. You are ready to give up. What about surrender? Surrender isn’t giving up. It’s letting go and letting God take over.

This Sunday my sermon topic is Nothing is Impossible with God from Luke 1:26-38. The angel Gabriel had a visit with Mary and told her that she would give birth to God’s Son. Talk about pressure. I’m sure her world was turned upside down. She wondered how she could do it. How could Mary give birth to a son? She was a virgin. But the angel told her “… nothing is impossible with God.” Whatever you difficult decision or impossible situation you are facing in life, it is more than you can handle. Surrender to God and watch Him get you through it.

I hope you’ll join me as we look at this moment in Mary’s life. It will give you some strength and encouragement to face whatever decisions you may have. As you surrender to God, He will take care of you. There is nothing more powerful than a surrendered life in the hands of God. Will you surrender to God?

Join me this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

Pastor Greg Burdine – Faith Baptist Church

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