My back hurts!

It did it again. The day after I got back from vacation, driving for miles and hours, my back went out. After I write this I will be going to a visit with my chiropractor. I hate it when it does this.

My back pain reminds me that when something in my body isn’t working right, my whole body suffers. The same is true with church. Individual Christians are not isolated believers. We were brought into the family of God. We are meant to be an active member of the Body of Christ.

The Corinthian Christians forgot this concept. Though they were gifted, they used their gifts to promote themselves. Rather than help one another, they followed their own desires. It led to some pretty messy times.

This Sunday I will continue a four-part sermon series called: Worship – Giving Our Best To God. This week, my message is “One Church, Many Members” from 1 Corinthians 12. I love how Paul talks about the unity and diversity of the church. This dynamic makes a great orchestra, a champion sports team, and a successful business. My prayer is it will make us a great church. We need to appreciate and utilize the variety of personalities, gifts, and talents in our church. Yet, we all need to work together for one purpose – glorify God by reaching the world with the gospel.

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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