Do you ever get upset with your boss? your parents? your President? Do you think, “I really am more clued in than my boss”? Do ever think “If I were in charge, not only would it be different, but it would be better”?

All of us have a different response when an authority does or asks us to do things for which we don’t agree. The question is, as a Christian, how do you deal with that very real situation? Our natural reactions is to focus on the what – what they do or are asking us to do. We think they are being foolish, or ineffective, or inefficient, or insensitive. We don’t like the what. But a wiser response is to look at the who. Don’t worry about what you have been asked to do, but rather who is asking you to do it.

This Sunday is Veterans Day and we will honor all U.S. military veterans. My sermon will be based on Romans 13:1-7. In that passage, Paul deals with the Christian’s responsibility to authority, specifically government. We will discover that God works through all authorities, even bad ones. Our responsibility is to respect, honor and obey authority. My message is called “Paying Your Dues.”

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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