What should you do when you get in trouble? 

We live in troubled times, globally and personally. Murders, wars, economic crisis, political unrest seem to be the news every night on television. Yet, it’s the personal trouble I get into that causes the most trouble for me – sickness, financial stress, relationships with family and friends, unwise decisions.

When I get in trouble I start acting like I did when I got in trouble in elementary school. I try to hide it, or deny it, or run from it. But none of those reactions results in anything good. In fact, they make matters worse. So what should we do when we get in trouble?

This Sunday, September 15, I will answer that question in my sermon, Peace in Troubled Times. In Psalm 46 the writer relates his response to trouble. This psalm was probably written following the attack of Assyria against Jerusalem (2 Kings 18-20). All seemed hopeless until God rescued them. It was also the favorite psalm of Martin Luther, from which he wrote his most beloved hymn, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. My prayer is that whatever trouble you find yourself in right now, big or small, your fault or due to no action of your own, God will rescue you.

If you can’t wait until Sunday, let me summarize it all in a nutshell. If you want to get out of trouble as fast as you can – “Be still and know who God is.” That seems too simplistic. But it truly is the wisest reaction to trouble. It is what the psalmist commands.

I’ve heard that if you are ever in quicksand, don’t move. Just be still because movement will only sink you further faster. If a police car behind you turns on its light, don’t run. Just pull over and be still. Running only makes it worse. Do you see the problem with running from trouble. But our natural reaction is to try to DO something. Resist the urge. Be still.

Being still doesn’t mean you do nothing. Instead, reflect on who God is. As you contemplate God, you realize that He is the best person to get you out of trouble. He has the power and the love and the wisdom to deal with whatever troubles you. This does not mean God will do it your way. But it does mean that He will handle it the best way. You can trust Him and have peace in any storm.

This Sunday is our church’s 46th anniversary. This is why I am preaching from Psalm 46. It is also commemorating my 25th year as pastor. It was exactly 25 years ago last night (Wednesday) that we moved into the church parsonage. I’ve endured a lot of storms, but God has allowed me to survive. He will take care of you in whatever storm you are enduring right now.

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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