mainWhen Jesus comes, He will come quickly. Are you ready?

Today’s headlines seem to be straight from the Bible! The attention of the whole world is on the Middle East and the tiny country of Israel. But why should that matter to you? It is increasingly critical that we live holy lives today in light of His soon return.

Faith Baptist Church will host a two-day Prophecy Conference on November 15 & 16.  The featured speaker this year is uniquely qualified. He is both a Bible scholar with a special emphasis on prophecy and a leader of a ministry in Jerusalem, Israel. Due to heightened threats, we are not permitted to share any personal information about our speaker. However, you will gain some insight into today’s events that are unknown anywhere else.

This year’s prophecy conference will help focus on what is most important as we face our changing world and look forward to the return of the King of Kings. Come and be encouraged about our great hope.

Below is a schedule of 2 messages. Check back as we determine the topic of each message.

Saturday Evening, November 15

6:00 pm – The Times of the Gentiles

7:00 pm – Q & A

Sunday Morning, November 16

10:30 am – Parable of the Fig Tree – Israel


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