“I don’t have time to slow down”

Most of us live lives at a frantic pace. We go from early morning until late at night with appointments, errands, and emergencies. Even if we get a few minutes, or maybe a day, to rest, our mind never takes a break. Our brain is constantly going in high gear.

Always being in a hurry has a dramatic negative effect on your life. When you constantly go at a high speed, you feel more stress, have less joy, and accomplish less. What’s worse, you cannot hear God when you are in a hurry. 

Rather than slow the pace of life down, our technology has increased the speed of life.  We are over-scheduled and stressed-out. You live a much faster paced life than your parents or grandparents ever dreamed. It is especially difficult if you are in the “van-driving, soccer-league, piano-lesson, school-orientation-night” years of life.

This Sunday you will discover three Biblical strategies to slow your life down. I think these will help you have less stress and more joy. You will become more productive and find many opportunities to hear from God.

Join us this Sunday, August 20 @ 10:30 a.m.

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