“I can’t take it anymore. I quit ! ! ! “

Have you ever felt like this? Maybe too much pressure at work or turmoil at home leads you to abandon your role. Many people feel like this about church and God.

Whenever a couple married for over 50 years is interviewed, the question is always the same, “What’s your secret?” Everyone wants to know how to stay married. 

Well, this Sunday we will discover how to live faithful in any area.

This Sunday I will continue a summer sermon series called Running on Empty. We are discovering what leaves us empty and what will fill us. Up to this point, I’ve been talking about what causes us to get empty: stress, sickness and distractions. This Sunday I begin talking about what we can do to prevent getting empty… you gotta ‘lighten the load.’

Too many people are doing too many things that eventually slows them down or even stops them. Whether it’s a NASCAR racer, a marathon runner, or an jet airplane, to go further faster you need to get rid of the things that slow you down. 

This Sunday you will discover three essentials to running a good, long, successful race of life. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you this Sunday.

Join us this Sunday, August 6 @ 10:30 a.m.

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