It’s time to play my weekly “Let’s see how long I can drive with my gas light on

I am writing this post at Starbucks. My next stop? The gas station. I am below empty. My ‘Distance Till Empty’ gauge reads “0”. If I don’t get gas soon, I will have an embarrassing illustration for this Sunday’s sermon.

Why do I play this game? I can get gas anytime, but I put it off. Maybe I think I can go a little further. It doesn’t save gas or money. But it has potential to mess up my whole day. Sometimes you just need to stop and refuel.

I don’t care how much you slow down, keep up on your car’s maintenance, or purchase a car with unbelievable gas mileage capabilities, you will need to stop and refuel. Your life is the same. You can’t keep going and giving and not stop to refuel. You can’t keep using your resources without taking time to replenish them.

God has designed a unique concept to help you. It’s called a Sabbath. This Sunday I am going to talk about your Sabbath.

Sabbath is a Biblical concept of taking one day to rest and worship. The Jews were commanded to observe a weekly Sabbath. Jesus practiced the Sabbath. The disciples continued this practice. Sabbath is good for you.

People tend to take extremes in their understanding of Sabbath. Some made it more work that it was designed. God made the Sabbath for us, not against us. Yet, some ignore it. Some treat every day just like any day. 

I hope you will come out this Sunday and learn about the Sabbath. This is the last sermon in our summer series “Running on Empty.” I hope you will stop and refuel this Sunday.

My next series (September & October) will be “The God Questions.” I will be exploring life’s great questions about God. My first question on September 3 is “What is the meaning of life?”

Join us this Sunday, August 27 @ 10:30 a.m.

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