Sibling Rivalry Gone Bad!!!

I don’t care how you handle it, if you had brothers or sisters, you had times when you wish you were an only child. I have two brothers and a sister and I love them very much, but I think we get along now because we don’t live in the same house. We aren’t in the backseat fighting over who gets to look out the window. We aren’t kicking each other under the table. I won’t go into detail, but sibling rivalry can get pretty bad.

Over time most sibling rivalries tend to disappear – at least until the parents die and then then the kids usually end up in court fighting for their share of the inheritance. 

Sibling rivalry is real. And because the Bible is based in reality, sibling rivalry is referred to a lot in Scripture.

There was conflict between Jacob and Esau – they fought ever since birth. Then there was Joseph and his brothers. His brothers were so jealous of him that they threw him in a pit and then sold him into slavery.

But the most famous story of sibling rivalry is the story of Cain and Abel. This Sunday we will learn some lessons from the life of the first two brothers: Cain and Abel.

This Sunday I will be preaching a sermon “A Tale of Two Brothers” from Genesis 4:1-12. I continue a sermon series (Mother’s Day thru Father’s Day) called, Family Life, about God’s wisdom into the relationships we have in our family. This Sunday is all about brothers.

Here’s what we know about Cain and Abel:

  • Both Cain and Abel brought an offering to the Lord.
  • God accepted Abel’s offering, but did not accept Cain’s
  • Cain’s reaction was anger.
  • God spoke to Cain and encouraged him to do what was right and avoid sin because sin was ‘crouching at the door and desired to have him’.
  • Cain did not respond correctly to God’s instruction. Instead, he deceived his brother and murdered him.
  • God punished Cain for his disobedience.

But there are some things we aren’t sure about. I will try to answer some of those questions this Sunday:

  1. Why did God accept Abel’s offering and not Cain’s?
  2. Why didn’t Cain listen to God and do what was right?
  3. Why did Cain get so angry he murdered his brother? 

We can learn much from this very famous sibling rivalry.

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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