Has somebody really hurt you?

Growing up can be hard. Many children are faced with having to deal with a bully.

Were you picked on as a youngster? What was it? Were you fat, skinny, tall, short, wore glasses, had red hair, poor, rich, wore out of date clothes, had some kind of physical disability, or ethnic heritage?

A bully is someone who wants to be high on the social ladder by pushing others down the social ladder, specifically those who are smaller, weaker, younger or more vulnerable. This can be done with verbal attacks, like name-calling or making fun of others, as well as physical attacks, threats, intimidation, and deliberate exclusion from activities. It peaks at 11-13 years old, but often continues through adulthood.

Have people have been treating you bad and you don’t know how to react. Should you take revenge or just take it. We hear a lot about bullies today. So, how should we treat bullies?

This Sunday, July 19, I will continue our summer sermon series called Straight Talk from Luke 6. Jesus gives simple, honest and direct communication about vital topics. This week I will share “Straight Talk about Love.”

In Luke 6:27-45 Jesus tell us to do the impossible. He commands His followers to love the unlovely. But the love that Jesus commands isn’t just a warm feeling. Jesus tells us to do good to them and quit judging them. 

Join me this Sunday as we discover the straight talk about love. This won’t be theory. This won’t be easy. We need to put our love into action to some of the most unlovely people in our life – those who don’t deserve it. It’s the kind of love that God specializes in.

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Join me this Sunday.

Pastor Greg Burdine – Faith Baptist Church