Do you sometimes feel like a failure?

When I was young I had dreams of what I would be and what I would do. To be honest, I haven’t lived up to my own expectations. I want to be a success in my family, my occupation, and my personal life and ambitions. But how?

This Sunday, July 26, I will continue our summer sermon series called Straight Talk from Luke 6. Jesus gives simple, honest and direct communication about vital topics. This week I will share “Straight Talk about Success.”

In Luke 6:46-49 Jesus tells a very familiar parable about two houses. One built on solid rock and one built on shifting sand. Both looked good. But only the house built on rock withstood a terrible storm. The other house was destroyed.

The lesson is very simple. If you listen and do what God says, you will build your life on a foundation that no storm of life can destroy. It may take longer, but in the end, you will be glad you obeyed God. 

Join me this Sunday as we discover the straight talk about success. Not everything that looks successful is successful. And not everything that looks like a failure will be a failure in the end. 

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Join me this Sunday.

Pastor Greg Burdine – Faith Baptist Church