Strong Christians are loving Christians.

No one can be a strong Christian that does not love deeply. Everything must come from a heart of love and devotion. But what does love look like for a Christian?

This Sunday, August 30, I will conclude a sermon series called How to be a Stronger Christian from Luke 7. This week I will share the thought: “Strength in Love.”

In Luke 7:36-50, a woman, who was a sinner, knelt before Jesus in sorrow and devotion. She cried tears of repentance and wiped his feet with her hair, anointing and kissing His feet. Yet, a religious hypocrite criticized her and Jesus for this public display. Yet, Jesus reminds all about some things about love, sin and forgiveness. Love sorrows over sin. Love will not criticize others. Love forgives sinners.

One of the biggest deceptions Christians make is that as we get stronger in our faith, we lose the realization of the sinfulness of our sin. We no longer sorrow over sin. This will soon make us weak. Strong Christians sorrow over their sin and stay passionate for the forgiveness found only in Jesus. 

Are you like the woman needing forgiveness? Or are you like the religious leader who became critical of her? I hope you are more like Jesus, willing to forgive those whose sins are many? 

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Join me this Sunday.

Pastor Greg Burdine – Faith Baptist Church 

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