Do you know someone overcome with grief?

Two years ago our family got together for a wedding. It was such a happy occasion. Relatives from throughout the U.S. met in Dayton to dance, sing, and eat. Everything was just right, or so we thought. Within a month, we all met back in Dayton for the funeral of our niece’s daughter who had taken her own life. Such sorrow and grief. You could feel the heartache.

What do you say to a family who is in deep sorrow and despair? How can you help?

In Luke 7:11-17, Jesus encountered a funeral procession on the way to the cemetery to bury the only son of a widow. Yet, it ended up in a celebration. Jesus turned their despair into hope? Their sorrow became joy.

This Sunday, August 9, I will continue a new sermon series called How to be a Stronger Christian from Luke 7. Throughout this chapter we will discover some simple aspects of strengthening struggling Christians. This week I will share the thought: “Strength over Despair.”

We discover in this story that Jesus had deep compassion for the grieving mother. Then He displayed supernatural power by raising her son from the dead. Finally, this event had a huge impact on the surrounding communities. The hope of Jesus spread to even more people. Join me this Sunday as we uncover how we can take these same ingredients into our sorrowful world: compassion, power, and impact.

We will continue to have church services in our building at 9:00 am or 10:30 am. For more information about our reconnecting guidelines, visit RECONNECT. You can also watch our pre-recorded service with the same message on Facebook Live or YouTube Live on Sunday at 9:00 am or 10:30 am.

Join me this Sunday.

Pastor Greg Burdine – Faith Baptist Church 

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