Move your glass away from the edge!!!

I can still recall hearing those words from my mom at the dinner table. I would get a drink of milk and then return my glass near the edge so I could reach it next time. However, she felt it was too close to the edge. It might fall off. But, of course, I knew better. The next time I took a drink, I replaced it closer to the edge. The closer to the edge, the more adventurous it was and the madder my mom got. Until, you guessed it, my glass fell off. The glass broke, the milk spilled, and I got in trouble. Such is the life of someone who wants to ‘live on the edge.’

Dropping a glass of milk is not so serious. But many people act just as childish with more dangerous situations in life. One question that youth ask is “How close to sin can I live my life and it’s still okay?” They want to know what’s wrong with some activity they want to pursue. I wish that were just a temptation of youth. But I have seen adults live too close to the edge. As we get older, we should realize that it’s wiser to live far from the edge. This is the counsel of Paul to the Corinthians in the ‘gray areas’ of life. Something might be okay, but why risk the chance of disaster.

This Sunday I will conclude my three-part sermon series called: Gray Areas – Finding Truth when Life isn’t Black and White. In Paul’s day, eating meat that had been offered to idols was a gray issue. In 1 Corinthians 8, Paul recognized that it was okay for Corinthian believers to eat meat that had been offered to idols. However, if it would cause a weaker Christian to sin against his conscience, love should compel a believer to not eat the meat. In 1 Corinthians 9, Paul shares his own personal story of giving up his right to receive finances from the church so he could reach more people for Jesus. It’s a good thing not to exercise your rights if it will bring greater results.

This week, my message is “The Danger of Living on the Edge” from 1 Corinthians 10. Paul uses the people of Israel as an example of desiring things that lead to disaster. He cautions the Corinthians, and us, that the free use of liberty could lead into sin and the judgment of God. When faced with deciding the gray areas, it’s good to stay clear of the danger zone.

Join us this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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