While living in Ottumwa, Iowa we witnessed the National Hot Air Balloon Competition. The balloons were bound to the earth by many cords. As the process of filling it with gas began, it struggled to get free. The first line was cut, and immediately that side was lifted from the earth. Then the second and third ropes were loosened, and finally the others. When the last cord was snapped, the balloon rose majestically toward the heavens, showing the high destination for which it struggled to get free.

That’s a picture of the attitude I should possess as a Christian — one whose affection is set on Heaven. As my heart is filled with the Holy Spirit’s presence, I should demonstrate my longing for Heaven. As one by one the earthly cords are cut that bind my soul to earth, it will rise in its affection to Heaven where it so greatly desires to be. It seems the every friend and loved one who goes on before me, causes me to want to go more and more.

Heaven is the hope and goal of the Christian life. But too often we receive our concept about Heaven from cartoons or movies. If Heaven is our eternal home, shouldn’t we know what it will be like? This Sunday I want to answer the question “What is heaven like?” I continue a sermon series that I call “The God Questions.” Questions we would like to ask God. 

It will also be our first “Invite Your One” Day. For several weeks, we have encouraged our congregation to invite ONE person to visit church. This Sunday is the day. We also have the musical group, Soul’d Out, performing a concert in the morning service. It is a great Sunday to be at Faith Baptist.

Join us this Sunday, October 22 @ 10:30 a.m.

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