Hope is a beautiful word and a powerful force. We hope for many things, but hopes aren’t always realized. There is, however, another type of hope that never disappoints – this is the hope of Easter.

When hope is gone, what can you do? When death is a reality and your dreams are dissolved, is there anything that can help you move forward.

This Sunday I will share The Hope of Easter. Nobody expected Jesus to come back from the dead. When people die they don’t come back. Normally, that’s how it works. But Easter was different with Jesus. He did come back from the dead.

Two of His followers were walking down a path on that first Easter morning. Their journey began in sadness, grief, and hopelessness. But by the end of the day, they were filled with wonder, joy, and hope. Why? Jesus was with them. You will discover what can bring you hope when it appears hope is gone.

Join us this Easter Sunday,  @ 10:30 a.m.

We will have an Easter Egg Hunt for the children following the morning service. In addition, we have free copies of two books available for you: The Case for Easter (Lee Strobel) and Hope from the Last Words of Jesus (Greg Laurie). It’s not too late to invite your friends to our wonderful service filled with wonderful music, excitement and hope.

Jesus is Alive! Let’s celebrate!

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