Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful. I’m glad we have this season and hope you have a meaninful Thanksgiving. This Sunday will be our Thanksgiving service.

Recent studies show that people who are grateful are more optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic about life. It also reveals that those who simply express thanks are more joyful, feel strong about handling challenges, and have few illnesses. It might surprise you but if you are thankful you get more and better sleep, are more likely to help someone else, and are more generous and helpful. Thankful people simply have a better life. 

This Sunday I will share my favorite Bible story about thankfulness. In Luke 17:11-19, ten lepers were healed by Jesus. But only one returned to say ‘Thank You.’ I’m sure they were all thankful, but only one returned to express it. And he was the only one who was made “whole.” You will discover ‘the power of thank you’ in your own life.

Join us this Sunday,  @ 10:30 a.m. It is also our annual ‘All Tithe Sunday‘. You are encouraged to give God 10% of your weekly income. Many have discovered the blessing of giving God a tithe. All are encouraged to try it and discover the blessing of obedience and generosity. To make giving convenient, we will introduce online giving this Sunday. 

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