God is never late; we are just impatient.

Have you ever had to wait on God to do something? Sometimes it seems like there is no good reason for Him not to make something happen. Why doesn’t He do something? We feel like we care more about what’s happening around us than God cares.

We often need to be reminded that God is never late and he is never early. He uses times of waiting to strengthen our faith and build our character. He even uses times when He is earlier than expected to show us that He is ever ready to get involved in our life. But more than we like to admit we are impatient with God.

This Sunday I will be preaching about a story of two people who had to wait on God. When Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem for the first time, they met two people who had been waiting. Simeon was waiting for God’s promised Messiah. Anna had been waiting for the redemption promised by God. They were surprised to see all their hopes wrapped up in a little baby. On the same day at the same, their waiting was over. Jesus showed up!

Waiting on God from Luke 2:21-39 will be this week’s sermon. It is part of my first sermon series of the year, Hope is Born (Luke 1-2). I am preaching through the Gospel of Luke this year – Jesus for Everyone.

In this Sunday’s passage, you will learn three valuable lessons of life:

First, obedience is a choice. Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the Temple in obedience to God’s Law to present every newborn son to God. It encourages us to continue to obey all God has commanded us. 

Second, patience is a virtue. Simeon had been waiting a long time for God’s Deliverer (Messiah). It has been said, “Good things come to those who wait.” We live in a society that wants everything now. But good things take time. I hope you will learn the value of patience.

Third, hope is an anchor. Anna had a lot of hard things happen in her life, but she kept her positive attitude because she continued to look ahead. Rather than regrets she chose to have hope. She knew God had something better in her future, and she was right. He has something better in your future too. Hope will anchor your soul when bad things happen in your life.

I hope you’ll join me this Sunday as we learn to wait on God. 

Join me this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

Pastor Greg Burdine – Faith Baptist Church

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