At Faith Baptist Church, we believe that being a follower of Jesus Christ involves five characteristics (worship,  fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism). As a church and as the Christians who comprise it, we respond to God’s amazing grace by helping each other grow as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

One characteristic is that all those who follower Jesus should study God’s Word together. By study we mean something that goes far beyond just reading the Bible and checking that box on your to-do list. Studying God’s Word begins with time you invest in reading and meditating on what Scripture reveals to you. It continues when you connect with others in the kind of fellowship and togetherness that can only be found in the Body of Christ. When we gather to study God’s Word together we increase our knowledge, we deepen our understanding, and we encourage each other to live it out to the best of our ability through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. 

Wherever you are in your familiarity or understanding of God’s Word we have an opportunity for you to understand the Bible better. These are the current opportunities. Come, let’s grow together in Christ!

Sunday School @ 9:30 am

#1 – 1 & 2 Kings (Victory Class)

Location: Sanctuary/Auditorium

# 2 – Five Love Languages

Location: Classroom #2

# 3 – The Character of God (S.O.S. Class – Serving Our Savior)

Location: Gym

# 4 – The True Meaning of the Zodiak (Relationship and Religion Class)

Location: Classroom off gym

# 5 – Firm Foundation (Firm Foundation Class)

Location: Classroom #8 (by kitchen)

Sunday @ 6:00 pm

# 6 – Crisis 101 & In Search of a King 

Location: Sanctuary/Auditorium

Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

# 7 – Nine Attributes of a Man

Location: Classroom #2

Wednesday @ 6:00 pm

# 8 – Master Outlines of Bible Doctrine

Location: Classroom #2

Thursday @ 11:00 am

# 9 – Grace Based Grand Parenting

Location: Virtual Group

Thursday @ 7:00 pm

# 9 – Intentional Parenting

Location: Virtual Group

Sign up for a group by contacting Pastor Greg ( or sign up on Sunday’s Connection Card. All groups begin the week of Sunday, June 5. No cost for any group. However, a book may be purchased for some groups. 

In addition, we have Sunday morning sermon series @ 10:30 am: Jesus for Everyone (Gospel of Luke)