Are you desperate for hope?

Do you sometimes feel like giving up?

Hope can mean so much to someone going through a difficult time. It can mean the difference. ewe hanging on and giving up It can mean a tiny smile in the face of a devastating diagnosis. It can mean life or death.

We live in a dark world that desperately needs a light of hope. The birth of Jesus Christ brought the light that offers hope to a world of despair.

We find a Christmas story about hope. In Matthew 2, the wise men followed a light, a star, to discover baby Jesus, the Light of the World. I believe their hope can bring us hope. 

This is a hope that gives courage. It gave the wise men courage to begin their long journey, to speak to. fearsome Herod, and to move on in a dangerous situation. The hope of Jesus can give you the hope to take the next positive step in your life.

This is a hope that gives guidance. It gave the wise men guidance as God led them step by step by a bright star in the night sky. Jesus can give you guidance as you navigate through the turns of life.

This is a hope that gives endurance. It gave the wise men patience and perseverance as they made the struggle to find Jesus. But whatever they went through was worth it when they finally met Him. Jesus can give you hope to remain in the journey and trudge through some pretty tough times.

This Sunday, December 1, I will begin my Christmas sermon series, The Gifts of Christmas, at Faith Baptist. The first gift I will talk about is Christmas Hope from Matthew 2:1-12. I don’t know what you are hoping for this Christmas. But whatever it is, you will find it in Jesus. Jesus is the true answer for the searching of your soul. 

Join me this Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

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