We’re glad you’ve chosen to find out more about Faith Baptist Church. This class is the basic introduction to our church family. Since we have members from many different church backgrounds, this class was designed to clearly explain who and what our church is.

Discovering Church Membership is taught by our pastor, Greg Burdine. Please contact the church office or email Pastor Greg to register for our next class. (email: pastor@faithbaptistweb.org).

God did not design us to grow in isolation. Being on a spiritual island is lonely. The church is a community of imperfect people serving a perfect Savior together. We commit together to follow Him. Every Christ follower is meant to be connected to the church. During the class, you will discover the seven basics of belonging. You will be blessed and instructed in your decision about church membership. In addition, you will receive the book, 7 Basics of Belonging.

Below you will find a link to the additional materials (PDF) for our class.